Litigation and Litigation Management

(…) His clients know him for his effective and memorable arguments, both oral and written.

Simon V. Potter, Ad. E., has argued cases before all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada, in both of Canada’s official languages, and has done so for over forty years, most often in leadership and management of large teams. This has involved the litigation itself, including discovery and witness preparation, as well as sensitivity to media attention and the reporting duties of public corporations. 


His clients know him for his effective and memorable arguments, both oral and written.


He is an ideal candidate for:


• Evaluation of the merits of litigation, arbitration or mediation;


• Assisting litigation teams which are faced with cases requiring the recruitment of an additional depth of experience, for the short or the long term; 


• Assisting businesses of all sizes when they face litigation requiring experience, knowledge, perspective or management techniques unavailable on their in-house or external teams, or when they require the benefit of an additional in-house counsel without the expense of a permanent hire;


• Assistance in the selection and instruction of trial or appellate counsel;


• Assistance of counsel in written pleadings, trial preparation, conduct of trial, and conduct of appeals;


• Preparation and evaluation of arguments and of strategy; 


• Conducting or preparing mock hearings in preparation for trials or appellate arguments;


• Privileged settlement negotiations;


• Preparation of press releases and media lines in the context of litigation and responding to media inquiries on behalf of the client.

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