Arbitration and Mediation

Simon V. Potter, Ad. E. has been praised as a “dean of the Bar” in Québec, with a consistent record for excellence in court, in a wide variety of complex cases.

Simon V. Potter, Ad. E., has over forty years’ experience in complex commercial litigation, domestic and international. He has earned the respect of plaintiffs’ and defendants’ counsel in a number of jurisdictions.


His reputation for rapid understanding and efficient management, and his judgment formed of long experience, are guarantees of a professionally handled arbitration leading to a decision coherent with the facts and applicable law.


His experience in commercial litigation makes him a mediator who can understand the positions of plaintiffs and defendants in a wide assortment of cases, including class actions, and who can put that experience to the task of exploring viable settlements or agreements in avoidance of trial. His experience in disputes of various kinds enables him to assist in finding agreements which commercial partners might otherwise find elusive.

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